1. Papillon French Club is open on Saturday from 09.30 to 11.30 at the premises of Butterflies Childcare at 20 Beulah Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 3SB. We offer classes in 4 week modules which cater for varying levels of French oral and written competency which includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Each module runs for 4 weeks every month with a one week break in between modules.

2. In order to assess the level competency each child starts at the Beginner Level and the Teacher will advise parents when their child has completed their Beginner course and is ready to progress to Intermediate Level and finally the Advanced Level when they have attained the required level of competency.

3. You can enrol your child or more than one child on any of the modules provided on the website and each module can be purchased via the Papillon French Club PayPal account. If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, please make sure that the money/cheque is in a sealed envelope with the name of your child and his/her group. The sealed envelope should then be given to the teacher and the teacher will provide you with a receipt for the payment.

4. The price of a 4 week module is £80 and payment should be made before (and no later than) the beginning of each new module, after which we reserve the right to charge £5.00 per week extra for non-payment and if there is persistent delay for payment of fees, this may also result in the pupil’s removal from the class. Fees are non-refundable in cases of absence, illness or holidays.

5. All fees are subject to revision from time to time, by providing reasonable notice in respect of any such revision.

6. All books and resources are an integral part of the courses provided by Papillon French Club. Pupils are required to follow the Papillon French Club curriculum and pupils may be required to purchase the relevant books and resources from time to time to facilitate their learning. This is to ensure the high quality and consistency of our teaching methodology. All books and resources should be purchased and paid for within the first week of starting the module.

7. All staff employed by Papillon French Club are fully qualified teachers and have undergone DBS/CRB checks to ensure their suitability for working with children and we follow safeguarding policies to ensure the security of each child that attends Papillon French Club.

8. Should you decide to withdraw your child from classes before the end of the 4 week module, please inform the teacher at your earliest convenience.

9. The teacher reserves the right to remove any child if he/she has not maintained satisfactory standards of conduct or whose presence in the class is held to be disruptive and undesirable and the teacher will notify you immediately by should this problem arise.

10. During bad weather you are advised to contact the teacher before setting out to check whether the classes are running. The Teacher will make every effort to contact all parents should the class be cancelled due to an unforeseen event however, Papillon French Club do not provide refunds should the classes be cancelled due to such unforeseen events.

11. The teacher is only responsible for children within the classroom during scheduled class hours, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected on time. We reserve the right to charge a late collection fee of £8 every 15 minutes after the collection time of 11.30.

12. Should your child suffer from a medical condition requiring special care please inform the teacher at the enrolment stage and include this information on the registration form provided.

13. From time to time the teacher may introduce French food into the classes to demonstrate a French breakfast, for example. Please state on you registration form if your child suffers from any food or drink allergies, e.g. nuts, milk, etc., giving full details. Please confirm in writing if you have any objection to your child being given food during any of the lessons provided.

14. As part of the children’s learning experience, we will often take photographs of the children carrying out their activities. Please provide your consent on the Registration Form for us to use your child’s photo on media available to the public for marketing and advertising purposes.

By enrolling your child, you have agreed to our terms and conditions as stated above.